Friday, September 07, 2007

Iraq and the forgotten wounded

Something is bugging me. What has happened to the wounded when we report casualties in the Iraq war zone? We always hear about the dead (horrific enough) but we never hear how many are massively wounded and maimed. Why is that ? Is this a political move to prevent us, the general public, from understanding the reality of what is truely going on in Iraq and Afghanistan for that matter.

For every fatality in a mortar attack there are generally dozens more wounded, some severely with life threatening injuries and many who loose limbs. They are there lying in Birmingham and thereafter if they recover, lying in Headley trying to come to terms with the loss of their arms and legs and trying to come to terms with the terrific trauma of the incident they were involved in. They are being brilliantly looked after by their masters in the Forces, of that there is no doubt but that is after all, after the event.

Strong stuff you might say, but it is reality and many of these young men and women are barely in their twenties or often younger. If you heard the true cost of these wars in suffering to our troops , our children and parents, you might ask why are we there and put massive pressure to bear on this Government for a withdrawal date. Our Sons, daughters, fathers and mothers are no longer peace keepers, they are actively involved in a war situation in countries where the sole aim of the occupants is to kill them. Don't be in any doubt about that fact.

Politics is sometimes a sinister business, so I guess we can only assume that the forgotten wounded are just that, in media, spin and publicity terms. . . forgotten. What a shameful situation for us to be in.


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