Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Apprentice

I have resisted blogging "The Apprentice" because it is yet another reality show and I don't want to keep harping on about them and giving them more publicity than they deserve.
However, this show at times really plumbs the depths of nastiness. Yes, I know it's only T.V. and its manufactured to get audience ratings up. . . or is it ?
Take a look at the guy above . . Lee McQueen, a really nice piece of work. The pic does wonders for him as in reality his face looks as though he has had an argument with the flymo when he was mowing his lawn last weekend.
He is as common as shit and is so full of himself it makes you want to vomit. In the last test his team undertook. . . selling prestigious cars, he literally sidelined the female member of the trio Lucinda Ledgerwood in such a calculated and nasty way it took your breath away.
Lee McQueen states in his bio on the BBC website for the show . . quote " The 30 year-old describes himself as very passionate, believing he can win The Apprentice by developing excellent working relationships with his fellow competitors. Oh really Lee ! I think not!
Michael Sophocles was fired this week and justifiably so. He has in the past told lie after lie in the Boardroom, but still.. there is something very likable about him unlike Lee McQueen.
Alan Sugar acts like a petulant lout in the Boardroom which I suspect is not play acting given his barrow boy image.
This show promotes the wrong picture to young people i.e. the only way to get on in life is to lie, cheat and bully your way to the top. On this basis I wonder who will win. I shall keep you posted.


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