Friday, October 31, 2014

The arrogant Michael O'Leary capitulates !!

So the bullish arrogant CEO of Ryan Air, Mr Michael O'Leary has suddenly woken up to the fact that in retail, the customer is king. Well too late Mr O'Leary, much too late. Who in their right mind will want to travel with your low class airline when there are bargains to be had with more upmarket carriers who give a far superior level of customer service. In fact, I doubt whether the many thousands of your customers who have left you because you treated them with such disrespect will ever forgive you. You have treated us as fools for far too long and I hope it all back fires on you now.
Everyone will recall that Mr O'Leary's theory on baggage charges was to deter people from taking too much luggage with them. Another way of achieving this, so it seems, is to arrange for your luggage to be severely damaged whilst being loaded in the aircraft hold so not only do you have to pay for the privilege of taking luggage with you but also have to pay to replace it once it is damaged. Thus, you will definitely not want to take luggage with you next time. . .  geddit?? (see below)


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