Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tim Cook CEO of Apple disrespected by Russian Vitaly Milonov

Tim Cook CEO of Apple has officialy come out as gay. This makes him the highest profile CEO to come out. Are most of us bothered about that? Well no, in fact I am really pleased about it as there must be many CEO's out there who are gay and this declaration by Tim Cook might just set the ball rolling as, after all, we are now in the 21st century right?
Well actually no, not in Russia. This is what Vitaly Milonov said as a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg:

“What could he (Cook) bring us? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea? They all have unseemly ties over there … Ban him for life.”

What a disgusting piece of shite Mr Milonov is and his comments also say a lot about Russia today. What a sick society they must be. I wish good luck to Tim Cook but I am afraid I cannot express what I wish Mr Milonov !!!!


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