Thursday, October 02, 2014

What do G.P's really know?

You see, I have got this funny little patch just above my forehead which has been there for about a year.  I am always banging my head on the cooker hood (men don't belong in the kitchen) and I thought it was as a result of a little knock. Over the year it has got slightly larger so I have applied all sorts of creams to it, antiseptic, hydro cortisone cause it sometimes itches but it's still remained there. So I made an appointment with my doctor to get some jollop to put on it and make it disappear. On the other hand I was also unsure if it was more serious and wanted to know if it was. 
My doctor took out her magnifying tool which lights up (some sort of scope) and had a look and exclaimed "I don't think it's anything serious, more likely dermatological and sometimes they freeze it to get rid of it so I will refer you to the dermatology dept. at the hospital". 
I got a phone call some five days later from the hospital telling me that they had a cancellation that very afternoon if I could make it, otherwise not to worry an appointment will be sent to me in due course. I said o.k. as I am about.
I was called into the examination room on time which was great, sat down and the consultant swanned in holding the same magnifying scope thing my doctor had, had a look and within five seconds said "yes it is skin cancer and not what your doctor thought it was. Don't worry it is not the nasty kind, it is very minor and we will just cut it out at a day surgery". Well, can you imagine how I felt to be given this news. Of course I am relieved it is not the serious sort but it still is the "C" word and my doctor was completely off course and I have to ask myself what good are G.P's other than for treating colds and headaches or referring patients to specialists who really know what they are doing. I find it exceptionally frightening and I just can't get my head round it (no pun intended).


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