Monday, January 26, 2009

Depressed by the Press !!

We have decided in our household that we will cease switching on the TV or radio when we get up in the morning as we have become so depressed by the news.

Every morning we are being told how bad things are, how many people have been made redundant, how many businesses are going into receivership, how many major companies are forecasting losses this coming year.

Even before we have set one foot out of the front door we are so down in the dumps and our motivation is almost nil.

Instead we have decided to wake up to a favourite CD . . in my case probably Opeth or maybe George Lynch, something with a bit of get up and go rather than get up and woe !

We are not going to switch on the news all day long if we can help it and that way we will keep our spirits up.

The press and media certainly have a lot to answer for in this current climate !


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