Monday, January 12, 2009

Prince Harry A Racist ?

I have seen the footage that The News Of The World is making such a fuss of and perhaps it's me but I cannot see that Prince Harry is deliberately setting out to make racist remarks.

Now as I have said in my past blog entries, I have friends who are Pakistani and Indian and yes I too have been racially abused on several occasions by Asian guys when out on the town with them. Cars have driven past us for instance and with windows wound down Asian guys have shouted out to my friends "Hey, what are you doing with that "Pinky". Was I offended ? Well I may have been slightly but hey, life is short and you have to get on with it.

What is true though is the term Paki is used by them in certain circumstances to address each other and I have even heard Indian guys ask my friends "are you Indian or Paki ?" So in reality it seems o.k. to use the term among Pakistani's or Indians but it is not acceptable if it is used by a white person.

Now going back to Prince Harry . . It is a fact that being in a unit in the army is slightly different to being in civi street. After all everyone is living in very close proximity to each other and the banter between the men is pretty fruity at times. It is true to say that the four S's apply . they sleep together (metaphorically speaking), shit together, shave together and shower together and lets not forget that they also die together ! That's pretty close wouldn't you say.

I was astonished to see some twat from the News of The World on Breakfast T.V. this morning trying to justify their decision to publish on the basis they dislike any sort of "ism" . . racism, sexism . . I wonder if that includes "two faced ' ism". Of course their only motivation had to be one of circulation figures and revenue.

I have to say that the only winner in this saga is young Ahmed the centre of this story, who was not offended by his comrade Prince Harry's remarks. The loser is Ahmeds father who demands more than an apology, which in my mind was not really warranted anyway, and who after years in this country has still not learned to get a life and move on like this particular "pinky" has.

So is Prince Harry a racist ? Have a look at the following picture and judge for yourself.


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