Thursday, February 05, 2009

Carol Thatcher and the BBC Sphincter Police

I like Carol Thatcher, she is full of life, humorous and yes a bit eccentric. She was born in an era like me where "political correctness" was not even a word in our vocabulary. I can remember as a child collecting my Robertson Jam labels and my mother sending off for my "golliwog badge". I knew loads of children with golliwog soft toys. One of my best friends was West Indian and we never thought it offensive to use the name golliwog nor did he. However, time does move on and what was acceptable then may not be acceptable today.
I am sure that Carol Thatcher made the comment in innocence but that apart, for the BBC to act so holier than though by not taking on board the difference between the Jonathan Ross / Russell Brand affair which was broadcast to millions of people and Carol Thatcher's comment made behind closed doors in the presence of a handful of people is to say the least breathtaking arrogance.
I listened to the pretty pathetic explanation on Radio 4's Today programme by the simpering Jay Hunt BBC 1 Controller (I could almost imagine her cargo pants and Doc Martins) and wondered how she could have the front to say that Jonathan Ross was o.k. because he admitted he was wrong to phone Andrew Sachs and scream obscenities at him in front of millions people but Carol Thatcher was not OK because her apology did not go far enough. If I was earning £6m per annum off the Beeb I think I would be rushing to apologise too, well wouldn't you.
I also understand that Adrian Chiles and comedienne Jo Brand were involved at the centre of this storm but both deny leaking the story to the press. Hmmmm !! I always thought Adrian Chiles was a football loving wanker at the best of times and even though occasionally The One Show just about passed as entertainment I for one wont be switching to it in future.
If the BBC handed out a rebuke to Carol I could understand it but to display such massive double standards is in my mind totally offensive.
Maybe the BBC should apologise to Carol Thatcher under the circumstances.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LIke you I have assorted memories of Golliwogs and jam. What a shame that precious people get so upset about nothing. They really should get a life!! Am also beginning to agree about Mr Chiles who had begun to amuse me until this episode. And as for the charming Ms Brant words fail me just as I wish they did her!!

10:33 pm  

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