Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Brother - Jade Goody

Now Big Brother is NOT a T.V. programme I would ever want to watch..not ever. Not only is it boring shite but I reckon with all the strife going on in the world, kids being abused, mass starvation in third world countries and our troops being shot and killed in a country we have no connection with whatsoever, peoples time might be better spent on real world issues.
So how is it that this banal Television programme is now invading my space through the media no matter where I turn ? I have viewed the clips on the news and seen the blatantly racist remarks and horrendous bullying being dished out to Shilpa Shetty by that archetypical Essex girl Jade Goody. I found it extremely shocking ! When the media spokespersons remark that it is not racist then what the hell is " and she doesn't even speak proper English ".
To hear Goody ranting at the top of her voice "you may think you are a princess in your never never land but here your just a normal housemate " plus loads of expletives really does the image of true Essex girls a great injustice.
Goody's mother was apparently interviewed by Davina Mcall and she kept on referring to Shilpa as "the Indian" and "Princess". It sounds like daughter is a chip off old mum's block doesn't it.
But then , hold on !! Let's think about this a little more. I looked at Shilpa and at one end of the scale I saw a beautiful, self assured obviously educated woman with a lot of class but when I looked at Goody I saw at the extreme other end of the scale an uneducated half wit who was put on "back order" when it came to beauty So there you have it folks, the answer is blatantly obvious...... the whole issue is one of green eyed envy.
So all you straight guys out there ask yourself...which one of them would you be proud to take home and meet your mum. Yes contest whatsoever !
To those of you who enjoy seeing a beautiful woman verbally beaten up and abused I say your sick. To those of you with an ounce of decency I say..switch it off !!
To coin a pun "Goody riddance" !!!