Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eloy - are back !

For lovers of Progressive Rock they are back ! Yes the German purveyors of superb classic prog. rock have returned due to fan pressure, and why not ! Good music never goes away even when bands split, it still embeds itself in your mind and no matter how many new bands hit the scene, those old classics still find their way to the top of your pile of CD's.
Eloy is definitely one of those bands and for me their return is very welcome indeed. To make that point, I was at a Porcupine Tree gig a couple months back in the U.K. and during the break there were two guys in front of us talking with such enthusiasm about Eloy. My mate and I looked at each other and smiled as it was, to steal a pun, music to our ears.
Welcome back Frank and the boys . . . just one thing, when you gig make sure you come to the U.K., you will never believe how massive your fan base is among Prog. Rockers here ! Good Luck to you and everyone go out and buy the new album Visionary, it's brilliant.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Police Cameras on PSV Vehicles

Guess what's around the corner then! Police are negotiating with PSV operators to get them to fit their cameras to the front of vehicles i.e. buses so that they can capture other road users on disc who may or may not in their view be driving dangerously.

Do you smell another bout of revenue creation under the guise of safety?

Perhaps you all thought as I do that speed cameras are bad enough but we are wrong. Welcome to the most blatant example of "big brother is watching you" yet.

Whatever can we expect next . . . . cameras on waste bins? Hmmmm, nothing surprises me anymore. Where will it all end ?