Saturday, April 26, 2008

Madonna Decena

Did you watch Madonna Decena on "Britains Got Talent". What a fabulous performance and yes, she has got talent.
But you would not believe the nasty, insulting comments from viewers on the Youtube site just because she said in her interview that she was a single mum with two kids back in the Philippines and she became overwhelmed with tears. Yes, she was accused of putting this on but. . . let me tell you it was not.
How could anyone not be moved by the plight of many many thousands of Filipino mothers and fathers who leave their third world country to work abroad in order to pay for their kids education and as the breadwinner, feed their families.
They sacrifice seeing their children / grandchildren grow up, sometimes being only able to go home for a holiday once every two years. Imagine that ! Of course we in the west cannot imagine for one moment that we could possibly do such a thing but then we do not have to in order to survive on the basics that we readily accept as being a normal part of our lives.
So, all you childish, ungrateful , uneducated , unctuous (look it up as it is over three letters) shameful scum who should know better . . please crawl back into your hole and leave decent people alone
I have linked to the Youtube site so you can judge for yourself.
Lots of the comments are in Tagalog (Filipino tongue) so Madonna has supporters from her own country too. I wish her every success for the future, you deserve it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Charice Pempengco

Just below in my American Idol blog I mentioned that phenomenal 15 year old Filipino singer Charice Pempengco.

Well, the little thing with the massive voice turned up last week on U.K. T.V. singing on the Paul O'Grady show. Everyone was blown away, to such an extent that Paul O said basically "If your watching Mr Cowell, top that on X Factor, I don't think so". See link

My exact sentiments but I would even go as far as to say this extraordinary talent would be in with a chance of winning American Idol with a couple more years tucked under her belt.

Eat your heart out Jeff Archuletta (David Archuletta's stage father from hell !!)

Abu Izzadeen (Aka Trevor Brookes)

Trev . . . you're well and truly nicked !!!
I wrote about our Trev some time ago after that disgusting interview with John Humphreys on Radio 4's "Today" programme where he ranted and raved about killing all us "Kuffir" unbelievers (who incidentally pay him and his family benefits) and the installation of a sharia state in this country.
I wondered then how the authorities in this country could let this maniac loose among us. Hooray, at last though, they have come to their senses and jailed this loonatic for four and half years.
Good riddance, but then thinking about it, I bet you and I are still paying out of our pockets to keep his family whilst he is away. Is there a case for throwing away the key to his cell ?
On behalf of the rational, law abiding citizens of this country justice is at last seen to be done

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Speed Choice

I must admit I have been a naughty boy and got caught by a gatzo doing 37 mph in a 30 mph area along a main road where the speed limit changes around four times in about 1 mile.
Yes, I was distracted by my passengers and ignored my road angel and bingo. . flash flash we've nabbed another loada dosh boys.
Now as I was only doing 37 mph I have been given the option of attending a speeding workshop for three hours instead of having three points on my licence. Funny really cause guess what the cost of the course is ? Would you believe £60.00 the same as the fixed penalty but this time described as an "administrative charge". Say no more.
The option letter was pretty threatening from Avon and Somerset Police . . you know the usual trying to make you out to be a criminal etc .but what struck me was the way they implied that if you don't take it seriously during the workshop we will withdraw the offer of not having three points and slap the fixed penalty on you. Oh , by the way, they keep the £60 administrative charge which is "not refundable".
Anyway, I sent off the form requesting a "workshop" instead of three points. They said on the instructions that I had up to 120 days after the offence to attend a workshop which I thought was reasonable seeing as most of us workers have busy schedules in our diaries. I was also told not to send the £60 administrative charge as they will contact me.
Imagine my surprise to get a reply back in less than a week giving me a workshop date approximately two weeks after the notification. As I have said, most of us have full diaries a month ahead at least so when I checked mine it was almost inevitable that I had appointments I could not change i.e. in my case I had two training courses to facilitate that day which had been fixed in accordance with my employers launch of a new high profile policy.
Ah, I thought, I have 120 days so I can change it to another day. Imagine my surprise that the course fee now increases to £90 with an additional £30 administrative charge added.
£30 administrative charge . . is that realistic ? According to the judiciary the Banks £30 administrative / overdraft fees have been grossly exaggerated and they have been forced to reduce them and pay back millions to fleeced customers. Of course £30 is not realistic.
In the case of Speed Choice it would not be beyond the whit of any organisation given that Speed Choice's targeted market are mostly busy businessmen and women could, given they supposedly have 120 days to play with, arrange dates to suit their diaries but . . . that is unless it is all a deliberate ploy to increase revenue. Revenue collection ? Do I really think that is the case ? Am I being really naive ?
What do you think ? Isn't it all a bit Hitler'esque. Have a look at the scanned document.

I feel like saying stuff you, I'll take the three points and pay you the £60 just to stick my middle finger up at you and say fuck off you parasites.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

American Idol - 2008 . . . David Archuletta / Ramiele Malubay

My other half is an avid American Idol fan. I am not, although occasionally I sneak a peek when I am tapping away on my laptop.

Something intriguing is happening in Idol among the contestants. Front runner is David Archuletta, a fresh faced talented 17 year old with a manufactured constant smile. Every mother would like to scoop him up in their arms and hug him !

His draw back is that he has a "theatrical father from hell" Jeff Archuletta who manipulates David's every move during every second of his waking day. He influences Davids song choice and brings his son to tears when he doesn't perform according to his fathers expectations. . . whata guy! whata moron!

I hope it wont happen, but eventually this behaviour could put paid to his sons chances of winning because according to many blog sites people are being turned off by the thought of the fathers manic activities.

Another front runner is Ramiele Malubay a charming Filipino girl with an obvious powerful voice but as yet has not shown us what she is really capable of. Her idol is Regine Valasquez an amazing Filipino International singer. . . and my other half a big Regine fan is praying that Ramiele will choose a Regine song to show what she is really made of.

Ramiele sung Heart's "Alone" (a classic rock ballad) when she was ill and never really nailed it. By chance we trolled You Tube and found two versions of "Alone" by other Filipino Singers, one amateur and one a 14 year old known in the Philippines and America through the Ellen Degeneres Show. Here are the links . . go listen and be amazed by talent which if harnessed and trained would give American Idol contestants a real run for their money., Also be amazed that Charice can deliver and nail the song even with the distraction of her family laying the dinner table around her as she sings ha ha . . and Marielle . . no mic !

Anyway I still cannot watch Simon Cowell destroy people in front of an audience in such a moronic fashion . I Hate it.. so will never be a real avid fan of this programme and it's predictable format. Enjoy the vids though.