Friday, November 16, 2007

Wessex Water - Fat Cat Money Grabbers

I moved about two months ago and almost immediately received a bill from Wessex Water for water and sewerage charges, which I thought was a bit weird cause at that stage I had only used a minute amount of water and gone to the loo a dozen or so times.
I put the bill in with my other papers relating to the move etc and forgot about it. I started to receive really threatening mail, you know, the usual dumb shit like "you may receive a County Court Judgement", "We will be sending round the Debt Collectors". Pretty scary stuff if your an aged person with not much whit about you.
Of course I have instructed my Bank to pay the outstanding bill to avoid having the Spanish Inquisition, Pol Pots Khmer Rouge or such like turning up on my doorstep wanting to gouge my eyes out or behead me in public.
But hang on ! I am being threatened for goods I have not received yet. I have not used six months worth of water or gone to the loo and created six months worth of sewerage...yet! Is there any justification for these very heavy handed scare tactics when I haven't received the goods and services I am paying for ?
It makes my blood boil anyway that this Government has allowed our precious natural resources to be sold off to Foreign Investors. We are now being screwed left right and centre in order to make profits for shareholders and the recent case of Southern Water's blatant lies to gain price increases in order to boost share holders pockets should be a great cause of concern to us all.
The picture on this blog says it all... what a load of sewerage you lot are.