Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cost Of Living

Is it me or is the cost of food now getting to the point where we will have to stop eating soon as we will be unable to afford to! To go to the supermarket nowadays you almost need a bank loan. Meat prices are extortionate (4 small lamb chops in my local supermarket over £8). It seems to me that price increases are being applied in a stealthy fashion and from a personal point of view I have changed my eating habits recently and started to eat more simply. No wonder there are more and more buy two get one free offers on the shelves as supermarkets must be feeling the pinch if the change in consumer habits falls in line with mine. I expect Tesco will be o.k. though with their iron like grip on the food market!

Menno Gootjes - Focus

Last night I went to watch one of my all time favourite bands The Crazy World of Arthur Brown who were on the bill with Dutch prog rock band Focus. Arthur was as usual brilliant and his voice was spot on despite his advancing years. His energy seems undiminished too and he kept up with the stage presence of Czech keyboard player Lucie Rejchrtova who was dynamic and quite fantastic.
Yet, what really blew me away during the whole evening was the guitarist with Focus Menno Gootjes. He was awesome and his playing left me feeling pretty well stunned. Who is this guy? where did he come from?
As a band Focus were never one of my faves during the 70's but last night they delivered the prog rock goods. As for Menno . . . OMG bloody ding dong!