Monday, May 25, 2009

This is our night - Sakis Rouvas Eurovision 2009

I would just like to start by saying that I am not a Eurovision fan ! Mostly, the best song does not win and the voting is definitely suspect now that there are around 40 countries in the contest. 40 !! I didn't know there were forty countries in Europe. Seems barmy to me anyway.
This year, I have to say I did get a whiff of Eurovision from the radio as I travelled from London to the South West on the Saturday night it was broadcast. It actually kept me from falling asleep as I was tuned in to LBC and the two DJ's following the voting were hilarious.
Anyway, back to the issue in hand ! The winning song from Norway was really naff. Of course the young guy singing was cute but he didn't have a world class voice, the song was ordinary and his only saving grace was he played passable violin.
Britain's song "My Time" sung by Jade Ewen was a world class song sung by a world class singer who will no doubt now have a very good career in theatre and music. She will be remembered but will Norway's entry ? I doubt whether he will be remembered in six months time let alone six or so years ! "My Time" was unfortunately, not a real Eurovision song . . it was much too classy for the fickle voting public and biased judges.
But finally, the most done down person in the whole contest had to be Greece's Sakis Rouvas singing "This Is Our Night". This performance should have won. . the song was upbeat, fabulously performed and definitely in the spirit of Eurovision. Sakis may have come 7th but it was a travesty ! Sakis . . you did not bomb out so don't feel bad about it, it's just that you deserved better. I don't think I will ever understand Eurovision. Letting the Eastern Bloc countries in has certainly changed the whole aspect of it.
Listen to Sakis on this link and see what I mean.
Good luck Sakis . . you were great !