Thursday, December 15, 2011

Apple Customer Service

Do you want to know why you pay a bit more for an Apple computer?

One of my Macbook laptops is about four years old and the keyboard had become less sensitive and a little bit of the beading on the top had broken. There was not much to this, the laptop was still completely functional but I took it in to the Apple store in Exeter and without any fuss or bother they ordered a new top keyboard unit which came in three days and they fitted it while I waited and all free of charge.

And that's why you pay that little bit more for quality and the high level of customer service that comes with it. Thank you guys, you were fantastic!

Dream Theater

Dream Theater's new album "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" is fabulous, but then I am a great fan of their music. The only missing ingredient is the absence of Mike Portnoy on drums which you can definitely feel. You can hear so many influences in DT's music, early Genesis, Emmerson Lake and Palmer and jam packed full of Gentle Giant. There is even an unashamed rip off of a dance rift aka Riverdance  on one track. .  pure genius.
When it comes to instrumental and vocal technical ability, there has never been a band which, in my opinion, could get anywhere close to the incredible Gentle Giant, particularly as Giant did not have the benefit of today's technology being a band of the 70s / 80's. I have to say though that Dream Theater, vocals apart, are very very close on the instrumental side.