Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Apprentice - the fifteen gobshites !

So they were down to four . . Alex, Lee, Helene and Claire.
Alex is a real snake in the grass. . he showed this in the boardroom when he dobbed in Lucinda.
Lee is a liar and found it necessary to embellish his C.V. to cover up his perceived inadequacies with his average education.
Claire is a motormouth and you just cannot escape the image of a holiday rep.
Then there is Helene who at the interview stage rolled out her deprived childhood and then said she was not used to be surrounded by fifteen gobshites ! OMG She then proceeded to hug and congratulate the other finalists ! It was breathtaking ! Yep, it certainly gives the impression you have to lie, cheat and be a bully to succeed in business.
There is now a winner . . . it's Lee McQueen . . so in the end the Liar wins. Honesty R.I.P. How can this be ? He is thick ! During his fragrance gig (Roulette) he called it a "roulette reel". Mind boggling. Sir Alan Sugar you deserve him !!