Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pope Ratzinger - hypocrite !!

Everyone must by now be aware that his holiness Pope Ratzinger is in deep crap over the current pedophile catholic priest scandal. In April 2006 I wrote about Ratzinger and his homophobic rantings a section of which I reprise here:
Pope Benedict XVI called for the "filth" that surrounds society to be cleansed and said the world is in the grip of "a diabolical pride aimed at eliminating the family". Lord, we have lost our sense of sin," he said. "Today a slick campaign of propaganda is spreading an inane apologia of evil, a senseless cult of Satan, a mindless desire for transgression, a dishonest and frivolous freedom, exalting impulsiveness, immorality and selfishness as if they were new heights of sophistication.
The following outlines the cover up by Ratzinger in relation to the current furore over these depraved pedophile catholic priests:
Pedophile priests scandal: ( Article April 2005)
Ratzinger's office was responsible for handling the ongoing sex scandal, involving hundreds of priests who molested children under the cover of their clerical collars. So what did Ratzinger do?
In 2001, as the decades-long pattern of priests' abuse first started to be reported, he wrote a letter to bishops reminding them that church policy since 1962 mandated that the church itself would investigate, bypassing worldly police authorities, and required victims of priestly abuse to take an oath of secrecy.In effect, Ratzinger ordered a cover-up.
According to an article in Britain's Observer, the letter, signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, "asserted the church's right to hold its inquiries behind closed doors and keep the evidence confidential for up to 10 years after the victims reached adulthood." What the hell would you call that, if not a plain and obvious obstruction of justice?
In 2002, Ratzinger publicly stated that "less than 1% of priests are guilty of acts of this type," which sounds curiously dismissive of the problem. More reliable sources indicate that about 4% of U.S. priests have been accused, but even that statistic begs the question of how many more cases might have been reported if the church had been cooperative in such investigations, instead of defensive.
He described American news coverage of the sex scandal had been "exaggerated," as "a campaign against the church" -- which, to my mind, is a remarkably obvious and quite uncaring way to somehow make the Catholic Church the victim in the pedophile priests scandal. In our opinion, apparently disputed by Pope Ratzinger, the victims were the children, and the perpetrators were the priests -- with the support of the church hierarchy all the way to the Vatican, which knew what was happening and did all they could do to cover it up.
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Now, taking into account the above article, if that is not the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is ! To reiterate, Ratzinger said . . .
"Lord, we have lost our sense of sin"
"Spreading an inane apologia of evil"
"A senseless cult of Satan"
"Immorality and selfishness"
In the immortal words of Omid Djalili in the advert
You're Having a laugh !!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bryan Griffiths - Hunt Saboteur

Bryan Griffiths gyrocopter pilot and hunt saboteur was incredibly this week found not guilty of killing Trevor Morse hunt supporter when Trevor was basically decapitated by one of the gyrocopters blades. He didn't stand a chance as Bryan Griffiths manoeuvred his flying machine towards him as he stood blocking the machine's take off. You see the so called " hunt monitor" had been causing a nuisance to the hunt for a long time and had been the subject of numerous complaints to the police over safety concerns for both riders and their horses.
Of course, Griffiths knew exactly what he was doing as he arrogantly refused to stop and give way one inch to Trevor Morse. His lame excuse was that he thought he was going to be attacked by a mob of hunt supporters. Hmmmm. Griffiths passenger was John Curtin a convicted animal rights activist who spent two years in jail for planning to dig up the remains of the 10th Duke of Beaufort and send the head to the Princess Royal. Nice man that, bit of a nutter I would say !
Now I do not hunt, nor am I a hunt supporter, neither do I have any connection with the hunt in question. However, I do believe in the sanctity of human life and I have to say that I am at odds with people who put the life of animals before their fellow man.
There is no doubt that Griffiths was guilty of reckless behaviour which lead to the death of Trevor Morse. He should have brought his machine to a halt and switched off, had he done this Trevor Morse would still be alive. Maybe there was a slight risk to Bryan Griffiths but in the scheme of things I think the potential for a few cuts and bruises is far less tragic than the loss of human life. I am not sure what the jury had in mind when they returned a "not guilty" verdict but I hope they will bow their heads in shame for treating the loss of Trevor Morse's life with such contempt. This was a sad day for British justice.