Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bogus Family Allowance Claims by Polish Immigrants

I was chatting to a guy the other day who works for a National Company who employs a lot of Eastern European workers.
I was astonished to learn from him that there were quite a few little scams going on like doctors certificates being sent from Poland when workers were going home for a short holiday and supposedly becoming sick. However, the mother of them all is the family allowance scam.
Polish workers are bringing their family, wife and kids, over for a short period, long enough to sign on for family allowance say 4 - 6 weeks and then the family return to Poland and the worker collects the family allowance and sends it home with part of his wages as normal.
This is happening up and down the country and is a known scam. It takes so long for our system to suss this out that they could get away with it for a year.
I just want to know how this is being allowed to happen ? No wonder the French holding centre at Sangatte was overflowing. I wondered why these so called refugees crossed through other EU countries such as Germany, Italy, France etc but had no desire to stop off there. It is now clear to me..... Welcome to the Land of Milk and Honey my darlings.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury - Rowen Williams

OMG ! What is that scruffy oik with the irritating voice Rowen Williams up to now insinuating that we should make some provision in our legal system for Sharia law ! This must have sent a cold shiver down the spine of every liberated Muslim woman in this country who is desperately trying to throw off the shackles of institutionalised discrimination, cruelty and oppression in the name of Islam.
It is reported that this naive leader of the Anglican Church has been widely misquoted and this may well be the case but one thing is for sure , no one but no one should be allowed to live in this country outside of the established laws of the land. If you want to live here you abide by our rules as we have to when we go to other countries.
Misquoted maybe, but stupid remarks and assertions like those of Rowen Williams can only add credence to the rantings and ravings of the likes of Abu Izadeen aka Trevor Brooks that well know hater of the British Way of life and the British people who cannot wait to install Sharia Law in this country and dispose of all unbelievers.
We are a tolerant country as can be demonstrated by the fact that said Abu Izadeen is still living in this country he hates so much and surviving on state handouts.
What a stupid man you are Rowen Williams.. do the correct thing and resign immediately.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

TODAY Radio 4 - American Presidential Election

I am an avid TODAY listener. I wake up to it and go to work on it. I find it helps me to keep abreast of whats going on in this country.
But then, am I alone in being bored bored and again totally bored by the forensic analysis of what's going on in the American presidential elections. Are we a bit interested ? Well, actually no and I expect that goes for the majority of the TODAY listeners who would rather get to know what's going on in our own backyard.
Who gives a fuck about Super Tuesday ( what a crass name) and someone with a surreal name like Barack !
I am finding that on my way to work I am stacking up with a new collection of CD's and as soon as I hear the word Primary I switch off the radio and bang on some heavy metal.
I found I was doing this at the height of Browns reign as Chancellor when the words Boom and Bust and Fiscal were irritating me just as much.
Anyway, why are we giving so much coverage to America when they didin't give a stuff about our election and just about gave it two paragraphs in their press.
Wake up TODAY and give us something more homegrown to go to work on.


I have just been written to by MBNA to advise me that they have increased their interest charges by an outrageous amount. I have checked their website but there does not seem to be any real reason.

They still say their typical APR is 15.9% but they have increased mine to a massive 27.9%.

I expect it is all above board and legal even if it's really outrageous. So to anyone out there who is thinking of applying for a new credit card or to transfer a balance, think again about MBNA and give them a wide berth. There are others out there who can give you a much better deal and I will be looking to transfer to a more consumer friendly bank as soon as I can.