Sunday, January 03, 2010

Patisserie Valerie - Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

I just had the most expensive scrambled eggs on toast ever, in the food hall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol served up by Patisserie Valerie.

What actually topped it was the addition of mushrooms and a tomato, each serving costing £1.50. Couple spoonfuls of button mushrooms, probably out of a tin and one medium sized tomato cut in half and grilled. Yup, £1.50 for a medium sized grilled tomato !!!
Yes, I know Patisserie sounds a bit swanky but it was only a "freacking" food hall in a Mall after all. It came to just over £15 for the two of us, six slices granary bread, six pats butter, some scrambled egg (about three eggs) couple spoonfuls of button mushrooms, one grilled tomato and two coffee's.
Now, it may not sound so grand but by heck, if your in a Mall Food Hall then MacDonald's and KFC are much better value that's for sure.
I still cannot get over one grilled tomato being £1.50, absolutely unbelievable.