Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Madeleine McCann is still missing

Gerry and Kate McCann were on Breakfast T.V. this morning launching a new campaign to find their little angel Madeleine who was abducted in Portugal in May 2007.
The grief is still etched on Kate McCann's face for all the world to see. Her husband Gerry was supporting her when she faltered with her words, they are a broken family. Not only have they lost their beautiful daughter but they have also suffered untold pain when they were accused of murdering her by an inept and flawed Portuguese legal system, something all of us must find unimaginable.
Someone out there knows what happened to Madeleine, someone out there is shielding the perpetrator of this heinous crime . . . . You know who you are and it's not too late to pick up that phone and call the police.
I implore you to do it . . . . NOW . . and make the McCann's a complete family once more. It's not too late.
Please everyone look at this link and take in the artist impressions of how Madeleine may look now and if you think you may know of her whereabouts pick up the phone please.
I repeat to the person or persons who are shielding Madeleine's abductor . . please do it now, pick up the phone and clear your conscience. THANK YOU.