Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton is one of those rare talents that pops up now and again from nowhere. Lucinda who? Yep, you will be forgiven if you do not recognise the name, unless of course you are into meditation and spiritual music.
We were browsing around in what friends call an "organic" shop, you know incense and essential oils. We love burning incense at home so we were keen to have a nose round. Whilst we were collecting our purchases there was this music playing in the background and the female vocalist had the voice of an angel, or so it seemed. We bought the album and since bringing it home we haven't stopped playing it. Now this might seem a bit weird from someone who is a bit of a rock nut but I can assure you that this lady has a voice that inspires you.
She lives in Cornwall and with her long term partner Andrew Blissett sings under the name of Bliss.
Listen to "One Hundred Thousand Angels" and I dare you not to be moved. Check Luce out on www.blissfulmusic.com and bring a bit of peace and tranquility into your life.

Pakistan Flood Disaster

When you look at the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan on the news it is difficult to comprehend the misery the people of Pakistan are in.
It is being said that the uptake from ordinary people as a result of numerous appeals is very slow and there is a great deal of speculation in the press as to why this is the case. Of course, I have no real idea why this is so. However, there is a little niggle way back in my mind which I find difficult to reconcile . . . Pakistan is a nuclear weapon state with the burden of cost that entails, yet it still does not have the resources, money or logistics wise, to help their people out of this disaster.
Is that not weird . . or is it just me !