Saturday, October 02, 2010

Agistri Island, Greece

I've just had a great holiday on the beautiful little Greek Island Agistri. It lies in the Saronic Gulf just fifty minutes from Athens by Flying Dolphin catamaran.

Whilst there were many superb things I could tell you about this lovely island, it behoves me to mention something that really bugged me whilst I was there.

Everyday I made for the sandy beach in Skala which is the main town on the island. The water was crystal clear and like a warm bath, absolute heaven. But O.M.G. everyday I had to make my way through millions of cigarette ends in the sand to get to the water. It was quite disgusting as a non smoker and really put me off. No wonder so many people stayed by the hotel poolside everyday. It was noticeable that so many Greek women smoked and did not have any compulsion to put their cigarette ends out in the sand and bury them there. Yukk !!

Skala beach could be so lovely except for this blot on their landscape. Come on Agistri, do something about it. I spent a fabulous holiday in Skiathos a few years back and the man who hired out the loungers and parasoles went round with a small kids fishing type net every night after people had gone home and every mid morning and picked up the rubbish left behind. The beach was spotless and a treat to be on.

It wont stop me from going to Agistri again because I love it there, but I might be tempted to become a poolside resident to escape this horrible beach problem !